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Evidence-based guide on creative thinking in the times of the coronavirus

Reading time: 4 minutes As a psychologist and a researcher, I decided to assemble an evidence-based overview of how the pandemic possibly influences our creative thinking. How can we keep solving problems creatively in the times of the coronavirus? How to think outside the box and keep making a difference, when the world has turned Read More

Two creative discoveries that turned my idea of helping animals upside down

Remember how I argued that the problem of factory farming needs our best creative thinking skills? My point was that the scale of animal suffering is overwhelming, but the human population does very little to solve it. This sucks, but luckily, creative thinking is something that hopefully enables us to use scarce resources efficiently to Read More

Creativity: a must-have resource in the animal rights movement

Reading time: 4 minutes In my mind, factory farming has always been the worst nightmare I could ever imagine. One that makes The Saw look like a movie for toddlers, but unlike the Saw, it happens for real and affects billions of lives. Even though animal advocates from all over the world keep looking for Read More

A tree log fallen on the path as a metaphor of an obstacle to a goal.

How motivated people see their obstacles?

Time for a confession: How motivated are you? Think about something you recently wanted to achieve. What happened when you got tired or faced a temptation? If obstacles easily distract you, you might be less committed than you thought. A recent study showed that people differ in how they see the obstacles, depending on the Read More