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Sketchnotes from Animal Advocacy Conference 2021

Animal Advocacy Conference Insights from the Social Sciences June 30 – July 2, 2021 The conference organized by Dr Kristof Dhont, Maria Ioannidou, Victoria Krings, and Alina Salmen with the help from members of SHARKLab at the University of Kent. Thanks to the organizers for preparing a fantastic, informative, and empowering event! Here are my Read More

A tree log fallen on the path as a metaphor of an obstacle to a goal.

How motivated people see their obstacles?

Time for a confession: How motivated are you? Think about something you recently wanted to achieve. What happened when you got tired or faced a temptation? If obstacles easily distract you, you might be less committed than you thought. A recent study showed that people differ in how they see the obstacles, depending on the Read More